Announcing Publication.

We are proud to announce the publication of a fascinating new book on the history of the Auburn University Football team, Auburn’s Unclaimed National Championships.  It is now ready for order.  The link to the right (or down below on your mobile device) takes you to the publisher’s ordering page.

Auburn’s Unclaimed National Championships is also now in stock and available for purchase at both locations of J & M Bookstore in Auburn. It is also available at Little Professor Book Center in Homewood, located at 2717 South Eighteenth Street, just down the hill from Birmingham’s Vulcan Park. 

Because major college football has never had a playoff system to produce a true champion, controversy has surrounded the issue of which team could be declared a National Champion, even as far back as the early years of the last century. The sports media and followers of college football filled that vacuum by creating polls and mathematical systems to name various teams as National Champions, even retroactively naming champions for college football’s early years. Some colleges have seized every opportunity to glorify their football teams by claiming a National Championship for every year possible.

An exception has been Auburn University, which has not done all it can to celebrate its success on the gridiron and officially claims a National Championship for only two seasons, 1957 and 2010. Auburn even declines to claim a National Championship for its undefeated 1913 team, although that squad is recognized as a National Champion in the Official NCAA Division I Football Records Book.

Auburn’s Unclaimed National Championships presents a uniquely-told history of the Auburn football program, focusing on seven dominant seasons – 1910, 1913, 1914, 1958, 1983, 1993, and 2004 — where the author, an appellate attorney, makes the case for Auburn claiming additional National Championships for those years. This is a book that should be treasured by every Auburn football fan.

Because the book is print-on-demand, it may take 1-2 days more before shipping.


1 thought on “Announcing Publication.

  1. I really feel that if any publication named Auburn number 0ne before the AP and UPI started naming a NC then indeed they should claim it. Most schools that claim a NC before then were selected as number one by at least one publication even though some were shared with other teams. It seems there are different publications that select All America teams, but if if a player is selected on either of them, he is indeed known a an All American.

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