The Interview by Sportz Blitz Live

Last week, Michael Skotnicki was interviewed by the hosts of Sportz Blitz Live, a weekly sports show out of Sylacauga that airs on Charter cable statewide. Although he was not in studio, you can watch the telephone interview. You might be surprised, but the host who is an Alabama graduate was a supporter of Auburn claiming at least a few of these National Championships.


1 thought on “The Interview by Sportz Blitz Live

  1. This right here is yet another reason why TO claim them. You can sense that the alabama representative on this radio show is trying as hard as he can to act the part, but it is oooozing out of him at certain parts how BAD he does not want Auburn to do EXACTLY what his beloved tide did 20 years ago. He states how we shouldn’t claim 2004, a year in which we dominated our entire schedule that included 5 TOP TEN teams. FIVE. The same year that the awarded national champ had to give up their title b/c they were guilty of cheating. His only basis on this stance. “bc there was a system in place, two teams played for the title and one team won it”. Hey bozo, you want me to count how many titles Alabama claims where they LOST the title game that year yet still claim they were the best team in the country. How INSANE is that?? You LOST the title game, yet still call yourselves a national champion. And you have the audacity to sit there and tell Auburn fans what we can and can’t claim. HAHA. sit back buddy. Claim ALL 7, make it 9 and be done with it. People can like it, dislike it, who really cares. MAN UP AUBURN.

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