5-Star Reviews for Auburn’s Unclaimed National Championships on Amazon.com

Auburn’s Unclaimed National Championships has been for sale on Amazon.com, both as a paperback book and a Kindle e-book, for a few months now and several people have now posted their reviews of the book. All the reviewers have given it 5-stars.

Robert Daughtry wrote: “Awesome Study! Michael did a great job researching and studying this topic. It is well written and full of useful information regarding the championships that were awarded Auburn University but are as of yet unclaimed and un-honored by the university.”

Timothy May wrote: “Great read for Auburn fans! I had some passing knowledge of Auburns previous national championship caliber teams, but this book provided detailed insight into each of these teams throughout Auburn history, and after reading it I felt like I was much more informed. I am now firmly convinced that Auburn should officially claim these championships. Great read, and I highly recommend it.”

Kelton Horn wrote: “Great book! This book is fantastic. It gave in depth information about historic seasons. Some of those seasons I had only known about through references in Auburn media guides and stories from my father growing up. It lays out Auburn’s football tradition and excellence in a well written and easy to read book. The author did an excellent job of compiling the information and making the case of Auburn honoring it’s own history by recognizing and claiming the championships that student athletes won in Auburn’s name. Once I started reading this book I could not put it down.”

Jim Scott wrote: “Great book and I would highly recommend for Auburn fans. Just purchased this book via kindle and it’s a great read. It offers excellent justification for claiming some national championships that Auburn was cheated out of and also offers reasons why these should be claimed by the Auburn powers that be. This would be a great Christmas gift for the Auburn fan.”

It’s exciting that Auburn people are enjoying this story of Auburn football from 1904 to 2004 that focuses on seven seasons where Auburn was conference champion and/or undefeated and has been named by at least one selector as a national champion.